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What do contestants get when they win?

Contestants earn the right to brag! All winners from every month and all time highest rated contestants are featured on our site and on social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.

How many times can a contestant enter the same contest?

You can enter the same contest as many times as you want. You can even enter multiple contests. For instance, you can enter the nice butt contest, the pretty feet contest, the nice legs contest etc.  The more times you enter a contest the better the chances of you winning. However every time the contest application is filled out the contestant must upload different pictures if not this will be considered spamming and that post will be deleted by the administrators.

How old do I have to be to enter a contest?

All contestants must be at least 18 years old.

What are contestants allowed to wear?

No nude uploads are allowed, bottomless/topless. Contestants can pose wearing anything down to their underwear.

How do i become a contestant?

Its easy to become a contestant, simply click on the contest page link in the main menu, choose the contest you wish to enter and fill out the short questionnaire. Depending on the contest chosen pictures of yourself must be uploaded along with answering a few short questions.

Do i have to be a contestant to join Bragging Rights?

No. You can join Bragging Rights to be a contestant if you choose too but entering a contest is not a requirement. You can join Bragging Rights to rate contestants or simply to make friends, remember Bragging Rights is a full fledged social network. Bragging Rights also has polls and new articles posted every week that we find most of our members enjoy reading and commenting on.


What is Bragging Rights website about?

Bragging Rights is a full blown social network which allows users to set up their own profiles, make friends, join groups, schedule events, post free blogs that can be private or public, upload picture galleries etc. all for free. The website also features contests that anyone is able to compete in and anyone is about to be a judge/rate a contestant. Every month winners with the highest rating and all time highest rated winners in each category are crowned winners and earn a place in the Bragging Rights hall of fame. By being a winner at Bragging Rights you earn the right to brag!


How do I cast a vote?

If you are not a member please join the site by hitting the register link in the main menu, as only members can vote. Once registered simply visit our blog and start browsing contestant posts. At the bottom of each entry/post the option to rate the contestant is available. Contestants can be rated on a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest/best rating possible.

How many times can I vote on a contest?

Only one vote can be cast from any one judge on a particular contest. Additional votes will be blocked by the site if attempted. One vote per contest but you can vote on multiple contests if you wish.

Can anyone become a judge/rate a contestant?

Absolutely. Anyone can become a judge and rate a contestant. Even a contestant can rate another contestant. However, only members can cast a vote. Simply register as a Bragging Rights member to earn full privileges.

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