5 Easy Hacks to Fix Post-Workout Pain

Working out feels best immediately after you’ve finished — when you’ve got that ‘just accomplished something’ fatigue and you no longer feel like you’re gonna hurl. Those effects start to feel worse as soon as mere hours after you’ve finished, when you experience that can’t-walk soreness and begin to question if you’ll ever make it … Read more

The McRib Is Back at McDonalds. Here’s What’s Actually In It.

  The McRib is back on McDonald’s menus after a year-long absence. While it has a cult following, most people don’t know what’s actually in the sandwich. Here’s the breakdown of the McRib’s ingredients and nutritional information. The McRib is back at McDonald’s, and while McDonald’s has other items on their menu that they occasionally … Read more

8 Reasons Your Pee Looks Kinda Cloudy

Here’s the thing about pee: It doesn’t really beg to be looked at on the TP. Still, it’s wise to take a peek in the toilet after relieving yourself every once in a while. Most of the time, pee’s going to look exactly how it should: clear and pale yellow. But…what if it looks a little cloudy—opaque, … Read more

5 Surprisingly Easy Ways To Fast-Track Your Weight Loss

Wanna fast-track your weight loss? Forget peeking at the scale instead turn your attention to the fridge… Chances are you unpack your weekly grocery shopping with as much thought as you give to Sunday’s laundry. A triangle of Brie on the top shelf; milk in the left-hand corner with the garlic and dark chocolate. Be … Read more

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