Thin Condoms: 4 Of The Best To Buy

Sick of being that guy who complains about condoms stopping that ‘real’ feeling during sex? Struggle to finish while wrapped-up? Can’t orgasm?

Then our list of thin condoms is for you. Because if you’re convinced that wearing a condom sucks (it seriously doesn’t), the next best thing is wearing a condom designed to make it feel like the real thing.

But, before we give you our ultimate shopping list for real-feel thin condoms, there are a few things to consider. We spoke to sex therapist Ian Kerner to identify several factors worth considering in your quest for thin condoms. Brands like Trojan and Durex tend to be up to 40 per cent thinner than the average, he said, while still being just as effective against STIs and unplanned pregnancies.

Likewise, Kerner suggests experimenting with different condom sizes to match your measurements — girth, not length — as, according to research from the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections, condoms that are too-tight or loose condoms can cause guys to lose their erections and are at risk of tearing or even sliding off during sex.

Below, you’ll find a quartet of thin condoms that you’ll want to introduce into your next session between the sheets. Just don’t go all Andy Stitzer on us.

The Best Thin Condoms for Pleasurable and Safe Sex

Thin Condoms: 4 Of The Best To Buy

1. Durex Invisible Extra Lubricated Condoms

Durex’s so-called ‘Invisible’ condoms are almost exactly that. Transparent and “gossamer-thin”, you’ll only truly appreciate them nine months in when things seem a little too good to be true. As one of the most popular condom brands in the world, these are Durex’s thinnest-ever johnnies. Helping maximise sensitivity, you’ll have great, longer-lasting sex that’s totally safe from unplanned pregnancies and STIs.


the best thin condoms for better sex

2. Trojan Bareskin 

Super-thin for you (hello, better feeling and added sensation) and with premium lubricant for you both, these Trojan latex condoms are a real win-win. What’s more, if you’re familiar, then these are 40 per cent thinner than standard Trojan condoms. Match winner.


thin condoms that will improve your sex life

3. Mates Skyn Original

We’ve already touted Mates Skyn Original as one of the most natural-feeling rubbers out there, as the Skyn range offers strength associated with latex condoms, but with “the sensitivity of an ultra-thin condom”. They’re also the cheapest on our list.

the best thin condoms you need to know about

4. Lelo Hex

If you want your sex to be a little more Ex Machina and less 40-Year-Old Virgin, these sci-fi-approved rubbers are for you. They’re at the pricey end of protection, but built with 350 interconnected hexagons, sensation is boosted and allows added transfer of body heat between you and your lucky partner, while holding the condom in place like a dream. Think of it like a science project on roids. *Adds to basket*


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