What’s the sexiest parts of a woman’s body?

What is the sexiest parts of a woman’s body? Opinions vary and if you were to conduct a survey and ask a million guys you would get a million different answers. I am a butt man myself. In this post I  have compiled the body parts on a female that I think are the most appealing and I am quite certain out of this list your favorite is included.


You know the butt had to make the list. In my opinion it is the sexiest part of the female anatomy. What is great too is that butts come in all different shapes and sizes, small petite ones can be just as nice as a Jennifer Lopez shaped one!


You cant have a nice butt with a set of chicken legs. Legs too come in all shapes and sizes. They at least have to be nicely shaven and smooth to the touch.


Breasts are among the top female body parts men love, for many they are at the top of the list. Can you blame them? Anyway, it seems that most of you chested women know this as you seem to show them off and flaunt then in low cut t-shirts most of the time and us men love you for it!


Some people are grossed out by feet, but it’s safe to say men got the short end of the foot stick. We have hobbit feet! LOL. I think nice feet is something every woman should have. The biggest turn off for me is a woman with manly looking feet. Its not like I have a foot fetish but a woman should have nice, well manicured toes. Any of you guys reading this who have seen the Eddie Murphy movie called Boomerang know what I’m talking about! Nice ankles, especially with a pretty ankle bracelet, gives me a woody too.


Cant beat a nice set of eyes. Eye contact is important and the phrase: “Love at first sight” is only possible when both of your eyes meet with each other for the very first time. Also there is just something about the colors blue or hazel that make eyes more beautiful.


Closed,  open, licking your lips, or biting the lower one, the mouth can communicate a lot. If eyes are the window to the soul, the mouth is the garage door to the heart. As far as lips go, it has to be like Angelina Jolie’s Lips. There is just something about a fuller and plumper lip. Also referred to as BJ lips, but we can’t understand why the name came to be. Can we? LOL


Nothing sexier than a pretty lady stretching out and arching her back! All you guys know what I’m talking about! Massaging a woman’s back does a great deal to turn us men on, the woman getting the massage can get pretty turned on too! The back is also a great place for a tattoo on a female, another nice turn on, especially at the lower back, the popular tramp stamp!


The stomach is definitely a sexually appealing body part. It doesn’t have to be cut with a six pack to be sexy on a lady but a little definition doesn’t hurt.


What can I say about a sexy set of child bearing hips on a woman. I like mine nice and wide tapered to a nice set of legs and a thin waste. Like Shakira said the hips don’t lie!

This is my list of the sexiest body parts on a female. If anybody feels that I missed a body part that they find sexy or want to chime in, please leave a comment or take the quick survey below. Thanks for reading

What do you think is the sexiest body part on a female?

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